Our Mission is Balance.

In the pursuit of each and every new opportunity, we remain mindful that achieving balance between the needs of our customers, our associates and our shareholders or investors is what has been at the core of our success.



Ultimately our goal is to provide products and services that, at a minimum, meet their expectations and, more often than not, exceed their expectations. Offering better than market services in land investment, and community and commercial development continues to provide the company with the word-of-mouth promotion and ever-growing customer base for ultimate stability and success.



The personal growth opportunities and skill development of our associates are critical to the growth and vitality of the company. Ultimately those companies that have positively motivated associates behind the firing lines, positively affect the customers’ perception of us on the front line. Our principals are committed to recognizing the skills and personal growth opportunities needed for the development of everyone associated with the Worthington® entities. Our goal is to promote from within whenever and wherever possible.



The fuel to our land investment, acquisition and development engine is capital. Without capital the greatest ideas and intentions simply do not come to fruition. Our goal is to continue a predictable and steadily increasing flow of dividends to our investors and shareholders based on sound and solid business practices, which will keep exposure low, and the probability of success high.


The Worthington Group is a privately held company and we don’t distribute publicly our financial results. However, if you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities, we can make certain additional information available selectively upon request. For more information, you may contact Andrea Skiera, CFO, at andrea@worthingtongroup.com.