Our Team

Invest with Integrity.


Jeff Darragh

Chairman and CEO.  Born in Florida, Jeff grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and developers. He continues to bring vision and inspiration while fostering a team environment.  He is encircled by his three daughters and one son, and is married to architect, Joleen Darragh, of Southview Studios.


John Gnagey

Principal.  John's passion for excellence and loyalty to his roots in southwest Florida gave a firm foundation to building, growing, and sustaining The Worthington Group.  John and his wife, Paula and five children enjoy family time at their home in Renaissance in Fort Myers, Florida.


Rachel Xu

Principal.  Rachel's entrepreneurial background and overseas resource brought Worthington to diversified market exposure and business partnership. She currently resides in California and manages Worthington Group's business development and strategic growth.  


Andrea Skiera

Vice-President of Finance.  Andrea began working for The Worthington Group in 1992 as accountant and has continued to manage Worthington finances for 25 years.  She lives in rural Tennessee with her husband, their two daughters, two Australian shepherds, and a multitude of other animals.


Joleen Darragh

Licensed Architect, Design

David Kent

Club Manager, Renaissance

Lindsay Oaks

Director of Marketing